Fur Babies

This book is dedicated to all the wonderful “fur babies” in the world, especially to my two fur babies; Piwacket and Sammie, the clowns, the entertainers.

If I had a wish, it would be that all fur babies, cats and dogs alike, would have homes with people that loved them as much as I do my Piwacket and Sammie.

So, thank you to Piwacket and Sammie for loving me, making me laugh, giggle, roll on the floor with uncontrollable laughter and even sometimes shed a tear, for nine plus years. I hope we have many more years of entertainment together.

Also, thank you to my husband for putting up with all the cat hair – I love you honey.


Barn owl photo courtesy of Mark Stewart –
Thank you Mark!

Cartoon drawings courtesy of Tom Allen –
Thanks honey.

All other photos taken by Connie Allen – Ta-dah!

Sammie and Piwacket

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